Astrid , The Tardis?

By Mark
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As you may know the character that Kylie Minogue will play in "Voyage Of The Damned" is called Astrid Perth. Astrid is an anagram of Tardis, The Doctor's trusty time machine. Well now the tabloids are reporting that Astrid herself is part of the Tardis.
Here is what Yahoo have to say;

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue will play the Tardis in the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.
The 39-year-old singer will appear as waitress Astrid Perth in the hit BBC show, a character linked to the Doctor's time machine.
Astrid is an anagram of Tardis and the character's surname means 'part' in Welsh - the name translates as 'part Tardis'.
A source tells The Sun, "Viewers have often been told the Tardis is a living organism. But mystery has always surrounded what it is and what gives it its powers.
"The elements we know about Kylie's appearance all point towards her being the Tardis."

These is speculation at the moment , and is not confirmed as true.
What do you think of Astrid being part of the Tardis?
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