Who Won? You Decided

By Mark
For a while there has been a poll on the sidebar of the site.
The Question was Which Is Your Favourite Series 1 Creature/Villain? The options you could choose from were;

The Autons
Nestene Consciousness
Moxx Of Balhoon
Space Pig
The Empty Child
Gas Mask Zombies
Margaret Slitheen
Trine-e and Zu-Zana
Anne Droid
Dalek Emperor

The Winner was Davinadroid with 40% of the vote, 22 votes. Coming in second place were the Reapers with 11 votes, 20% of the vote. The Dalek Emperor came in third place with 12% of the vote, 7 votes. With 5 votes and 9% of the vote, The Empty child came in fourth place. The Anne Droid definitely wasn’t the Weakest Link coming in fifth place with 5% of the vote, 3 votes. The Autons came in sixth place with 2 votes, 3% of the vote. The Slitheen, The Daleks, The Gas Mask Zombies and Margaret Slitheen all came in seventh place with 1 vote each, 1% of the vote each. The Nestene Consciousness, Cassandra, Moxx Of Balhoon, Gelth, Space Pig, Jagrafess and Trine-E and Zu-Zana all received no votes, 0% of the vote. This is probably because of the wide range of choice and most people voting Davinadroid.

Here is the Poll Results picture for proof;
Seeing as we never got to see what Davinadroid looked like in Doctor Who, I used pictures of the Big Brother house from Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 12 “Bad Wolf”.
A New poll will be added later today for you to cast your votes. The poll will be a new weekly installment.
All pictures in this post were made by me.
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