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By Mark
Very interesting news has been reported on the future of Doctor Who. After Series 4 has aired next year there will be another Christmas Special for that December. However in 2009 we will only see 3 Special episodes of Doctor Who. All of them will feature David Tennant and will be wrote by Russell T Davies. Series 5 will then transmit in the year 2010. Whether a Christmas Special will air or not in 2009 and yet has yet to be confirmed.
Here is what the BBC Doctor Who Site have to say;

Doctor Who to return for fifth series in 2010.
After months of media speculation, the BBC can confirm that the BAFTA award-winning Doctor Who will return for a fifth series in Spring 2010.
Viewers are in for a treat this Christmas, as a special episode starring David Tennant and Kylie Minogue will be broadcast on BBC One in December 2007.
Series Four, which went into production in July 2007, will hit UK screens in Spring 2008, followed by a special episode for Christmas 2008.
In 2009 Doctor Who will return with three specials starring David Tennant, with Head Writer, Russell T Davies.
The full-length fifth series will transmit in 2010.
Jane Tranter, Controller, BBC Fiction, says: "Doctor Who is one of the BBC's best loved and most successful dramas. Its journey over the past three series has been one of the most ambitious and exciting that we have had, and I'm delighted to be able to confirm not only three exciting specials for 2009, but a fifth series in 2010. "
Menna Richards, Controller, BBC Wales, says: "The success of Doctor Who is a fantastic tribute to the dedication and expertise of the production team at BBC Wales who have worked on the project from the outset. This announcement is marvellous news for all involved, and more importantly for the programme's amazing fan base and audience. BBC Wales is looking forward to producing the fifth series."
Following the critically acclaimed season three finale, the BBC has announced that Catherine Tate is set to return to the TARDIS for the complete 13-week run of series four, reprising her role as Donna from the 2006 Christmas special.
Freema Agyeman, who won praise for her portrayal of Martha Jones in series three, is also set to return mid series four.

I'm hoping those three specials will show the Time War or something really special. I'm glad to hear David Tennant will be in still The Doctor in 2009 and maybe for Series 5, it hasn't confirmed he will be in Series 5 though. He will definitely be in the three specials in 2009 though. With the Budget for 13 episodes of Doctor Who in 2009, I reckon these specials will have great effects.
This is very interesting news. What do you think of it?
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  1. wolfinmytimemachine 3 September 2007 at 17:13
    Oooh, sounds cool!
  2. Anonymous 27 March 2009 at 15:13
    When and were can we watch the 2009 specials in the USA?

    Love your site
    Dennis in St. Louis Missouri USA

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