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In the latest Doctor Who Magazine (Issue 387), the extras for the Doctor Who Series 3 Boxsets are confirmed. The extras include Out-takes, Deleted Scenes, David Tennant's Video Diary and much more. Here is what will feature on each disc in the boxset;

Disc One
The Runaway Bride (Including Commentary from Russell T Davies and David Tennant)
Doctor Who Confidential : Music and Monsters
Freema Agyeman's tour of the studio
Series Three Out-takes
Series Three Deleted Scenes
David Tennant's Video Diary for The Runaway Bride

Disc Two
Smith and Jones (Including Commentary from Russell T Davies and David Tennant)
The Shakespeare Code (Including Commentary from David Tennant and Lilith actress Christina Cole)
Gridlock (Including Commentary from executive producer Jule Gardner, Milo actor Travis Oliver and visual effects producer Marie Jones)
BBC One Trailers
David Tennant's Video Diary for Episodes 1-3

Disc Three
Daleks In Manhattan (Including Commentary from writer Helen Raynor, Tallulah actress Miranda Raison and costume designer Louise Page)
Evolution Of The Daleks (Including Commentary from David Tennant, Dalek voice actor Nick Briggs and visual effects producer Barney Curnow)
The Lazarus Experiment (Including Commentary from Leo Jones actor Reggie Yates and visual effects producer Will Cohen)
42 (Including Commentary from writers Russell T Davies and Chris Chibnall)
BBC One Trailers

Disc Four
Human Nature (Including Commentary from director Charles Palmer, writer Paul Cornell and composer Murray Gold)
The Family Of Blood (Including Commentary from producer Susie Liggat, Art director Arwel Jones and production manager Tracie Simpson)
Blink (Including Commentary from writer Stephen Moffat and composer Murray Gold)
David Tennant's Video Diary for Episodes 4-9 plus Video Diary for The Weakest Link)
Easter Egg

Disc Five
Utopia (Including Commentary from Russell T Davies and David Tennant)
The Sound Of Drums (Including Commentary from Julie Gardner and producer Phil Collinson)
Last Of The Timelords (Including Commentary from David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman)
David Tennant's Video Diary for Episodes 11-13
BBC One Trailers

Disc Six
13 Episodes of Doctor Who Confidential Cut-Down

That sounds like a great box, will definitely be buying the Doctor Who Series 3 Boxset. I would just like to say that I really do appreciate how much effort David Tennant puts into the extras, his video diary's, as I'm sure many other fans would like to thank him. Last year David's Video Diary was over an hour long and this years seems to look like it will be too. Thanks David Tennant for all the effort you spend on the boxset extras. Thanks to everyone who makes the Boxset and those involved too.
Will you be buying the Doctor Who Series 3 Boxset?
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  1. Bad Wolf 20 September 2007 at 20:17
    cool sounds gr8 plenty of stuff to keep you occupied there
  2. Peter Pan 21 September 2007 at 10:19
    I like the fact that its different commentaries from the BBC3, Sunday night broadcasts ... they do keep us on our toes!

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