Who Won? Which Gadget?

By Mark
For the last week there has been a poll on the sidebar of the site.

The Question was “If You Could Choose, Which Gadget Would You Have? (Gadget Would Work How It Does On TV)”
The Options you could choose were;

Sonic Screwdriver
Psychic Paper
Laser Screwdriver
Sonic Blaster
Vortex Manipulator
Sonic Lipstick

In first place came Captain Jack’s handy gadget the Vortex Manipulator with 33% of the vote, 13 votes out of 39. In second place came The Doctor’s trusty gadget the Sonic Screwdriver with 30% of the vote, 12 votes (1 vote lower than the Vortex Manipulator). The Master’s Laser Screwdriver came in third place with 12% of the vote, 5 votes. Another of Captain Jack’s gadgets, the Sonic Blaster came in fourth place with 10% of the vote, 4 votes. Sarah Jane Smith’s gadget the Sonic Lipstick came in fifth place with 7% of the vote, 3 votes. The Doctor’s Psychic Paper and the option of another gadget both tied in sixth place with 2% of the vote each, 1 vote each.
Here is the poll results picture for proof;
A New poll will be added soon for you to cast your votes. The poll will be a weekly instalment.
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  1. gaz_dwsja 16 August 2007 at 15:30
    oooo YAY the vortex manipulator won!

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