Mickey Smith's Return?

By Mark
Mickey Smith played by Noel Clarke, is rumoured to return to Doctor Who. This comes from an interview with Sci-fi Wire. He said he wasn’t doing any more scripts for Torchwood because he is busy on another project that he can’t talk about. When asked whether this was Doctor Who and if it would be possible for Mickey to return to Doctor Who, he replied
"It's a parallel universe, baby, the only thing I could say is that it's sci-fi, right? And in sci-fi, there's no real rules, is there?"
So Mickey may return? But he’s on a parallel universe with Rose, Jackie (Pregnant) and Pete too, does that mean the return of them too? The return of Rose?
Please not this is just what is said in an interview he may be talking about something completely different, but all we know is it’s a Sci-fi show.
More news as we get it.
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