Doctor Who Magazine # 385

By Mark
Thanks to Kasterborous we can now reveal what is inside the next exciting issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Including an interview with Freema Agyeman and a behind the scenes access to the Master's death here is what Kasterborous say;
This issue Freema Agyeman gives DWM the inside scoop on how Martha will have changed when she next meets up with the Doctor in Series Four...
"She'll actually be in a relationship by that point, so that part of her soul is fulfilled," Freema hints, "so I think she¹ll look at her relationship with the Doctor with fresh eyes ­ older and much, much wiser.
The last time they will have seen one another is after she's just saved the world, so she went out on a high. And then they meet up again, so I imagine that they'll be sizing each other up a bit!"
Also this issue, the mag goes behind the scenes on the Master's death scenes - and travels back to his very first appearance with a Fact of Fiction article on 1971's Terror of the Autons. Plus, we take a trip to the year 100 Trillion with Blue Peter winner John Bell, while the Doctor Who design team reveals the special effects secrets behind the Master trilogy - with exclusive artwork, design drawings and never-before-seen photographs!
Meanwhile, the Doctor finds himself caught in traffic in DWM's new comic strip adventure, Bus Stop; the Time Team witness the Resurrection of the Daleks; and ­ OMG! ­(oh my god) the Matrix Data Bank Tour goes worldwide!
Plus there's some exclusive news on Donna's return to the TARDIS; the latest on this year's Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned, starring Kylie Minogue; and your chance to vote for your Series Three favourites (and win your own Dalek Sec action figure!) in the DWM Season Survey.
All this and more in your latest thrilling Doctor Who Outer Space Magazine!

Issue 385 on sale from Thursday 26 July, price £3.99 from all good newsagents and spaceports.

I Can't wait to get my copy this Thursday. You can see the lovely cover of the magazine above.
Will you be buying the magazine? I Will.
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