Eye Of The Tardis

By Mark
The BBC Official Doctor Who Site has now got a new game called "Eye Of The Tardis" where you adventure round as The Doctor. I have to say it is one of the best games yet.
How To Play
The Doctor Has Become trapped inside the TARDIS - right inside. His consciousness has been accidentally transferred into the TARDIS' Memory Core.
You will have to guide the Doctor through four sectors of the TARDIS' neutral network - gathering Artron energy crystals along the way to reach the data/matter converter and escape.
But beware, the data core carries information about The Doctor's deadliest enemies - and in his computerised form these "avatars" are as deadly as the real thing. Jump on them to delete them from memory.

Left - Move Doctor Left
Right - Move Doctor Right
Up or Spacebar - Jump
Down - Controls Sonic Screwdriver

You can play the game Here
The Picture above was made by me through print screen of the game of "Eye of the Tardis" therefore it is copyright to the BBC.

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  1. Bad Wolf 1 July 2007 at 11:55
    cool post i went on the game for a couple of mins last night loooked good. plus i nearly done my vid i was doing it last night after i left the internet. just need some clips from last of the timelords and also thta WHAT THIS COUNTRY REALLY NEEDS RIGHT NOW IS A DOCTOR. need find it somewhere
  2. gaz_dwsja 4 July 2007 at 17:07
    This game is rubbish! You can never balance on those moving things after a while!

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