Character Profile : Brannigan

By Mark

Actor; Ardal O'Hanlon
Eyes: Brown
More Information: Brannigan is a Cat Person from the Episode Gridlock, and wears a hat similar to a world war 2 pilot. He Originated in new new York and drove five miles in twelve years. He had married a woman called Valerie at the start of their journey and had had many kittens inside the Hover car, and their humanisation is strong enough or one to say ‘Mama’. He is from year 5,000,000,053. He also repeatedly annoys the Cassini ‘Sisters’ by adding them to the ‘Friends List’.

Brannigan's Car ID: 9-9-6-Y-1

Next Appearance : Unknown

Thanks to Hitbob who sent this kindly to the site by email. Hitbob wrote it.

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  1. Bad Wolf 1 July 2007 at 19:22
    cool post on the when i read brannigan in your cbox i thought he was doing one on they guy from teh classic series. lol.

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