Doctor Who Series 3 Boxset Cover

By Mark
The Cover for the Doctor Who Series 3 Boxset has now been released. I love the cover and will be buying it as I get the boxsets every year. The Master VS The Doctor on the front , Sonic Screwdriver VS Laser Screwdriver, excellent cover. Hopefully Amazon do an exclusive limited edition boxset like last years Cyberman Helmet Series 2 Boxset. If so I will be buying the Exclusive Box. There are no signs of an exclusive boxset as of yet. If there is news of one I will of course post it here.
The Series 3 Boxset consists of all Series 3 episodes and many extra features ( not announced yet). The Box will be released on 27th November and is sure to be a definite buy.
Are you going to buy this boxset?
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  1. simon 28 July 2007 at 13:03
    Mark for those simpsons/dw avatars you could do a Rose,Mickey and The Master they would be kooool!

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