Doctor Who Adventures # 34

By Mark
Doctor Who Adventures Issue 34 is released tomorrow (Thursday 19th July) at the price of £1.99 free with Doctor Who spinners. There are two sets to choose from , A Cyberman and Ood or a Dalek and Slitheen. I will be buying both sets.

Here is what BBC Magazines say;
The new issue of Doctor Who Adventures is out on Thursday 19 July. It’s a monster-packed edition, so prepare for loads of scares.
Inside we’ve got the second part of our 2007 guide to Doctor Who – covering every story, every scare and every monster from the series. Plus;
Monsters – shocks from the last series – a round-up of all sorts of horrible things!
Are there aliens in your family? Find out with our special chart!
Comic strip – part one of a new adventure for the Doctor and Martha called The Last Soldier.
Who’s where – help the Doctor and Captain Jack recover missing Dalekanium above New York.
Who knows? – your Doctor Who questions answered.
Tales from the TARDIS – the Macra get snappy.
Posters – exclusive posters of Daleks in the sewers, the Doctor and the Master and the creepy Carrionites.
Win – loads of goodies could be yours.
Puzzles – lots of cool Time Teasers.

Thanks to BBC Magazines for the details. The Cover can be seen above.

Will you be buying Doctor Who Adventures # 34?
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