Astrid Aboard!

By Mark

The First Image of "The Voyage Of The Damned" was released today by the BBC. And what an exciting image it is (Can be seen above). Kylie Minogue plays Astrid and David Tennant plays The Doctor. Just what are The Doctor and Astrid staring at?

Here is what the BBC Official Doctor Who Site have to say;

The first picture from the set of the Doctor Who Christmas Special - Voyage of the Damned has been revealed.
Kylie who plays Astrid - a waitress on The Titanic - began filming in Cardiff this week for the special which will air on BBC 1 during Christmas 2007.
She stars alongside David Tennant in a story that follows on directly from the ending of series three where viewers witnessed The Titanic crash through the TARDIS walls.
We can also confirm that Britain's best loved sitcom actors, Geoffrey Palmer and Clive Swift will play lead roles in the Christmas episode. With Geoffrey taking the helm of the Titanic in his role as Captain.
Voyage of the Damned will also feature Gray O'Brien who recently appeared in the Oscar winning film The Queen, Debbie Chazen; star of the BBC comedy series The Smoking Room, Olivier Award winner Clive Rowe, Russell Tovey from the smash hit film The History Boys, Jimmy Vee who has previously been in Doctor Who as the Moxx of Balhoon and George Costigan who starred in The Long Firm and the acclaimed film Rita Sue and Bob Too.
Doctor Who series four will return to our screens in Spring 2008.

I Really Can't wait till "Voyage Of The Damned" , it looks like another stunning Christmas Special. With Jimmy Vee in the episode who previously was inside the Moxx of Balhoon and the Space Pig, maybe we may see a small alien/creature in the episode.

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