Who's-Round Part 3

By Mark
Who's-round is like "Newsround" but fills you in on everything going on in the who-niverse and everything who-biz.

Doctor Who

Future Boy

Blue Peter competition winner on Utopia role.
Doctor Who Adventures has caught up with the lucky boy who won a Blue Peter competition to appear in the Doctor Who episode Utopia.
"John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack, kept thinking it was his name being called by the director when they were calling for me!" nine-year-old John Bell revealed in the latest issue of the magazine. "So he nicknamed me Little John.
"David Tennant and I are both Scottish and John Barrowman was born in Scotland, so it was a bit of a Scottish invasion! John kept slipping into a Scottish accent and would ask if I'd like a 'Wee cup of tea?'"
Issue 31 of Doctor Who Adventures goes on sale on 07 June 2007 (Today)
Thanks to BBC Doctor Who Site for all the information. Luckily I managed to pick up my copy of Doctor Who Adventures today.

Piper Products

Billie Piper's Growing Pains is due to be published as a paperback in September.
Ruby In The Smoke (Billie Piper starred in) is now available on Region 1 DVD.
Thanks Billie Piper . Net for the information and images.
Who Peter

There will be a special episode of Blue Peter completely dedicated to Doctor Who next Wednesday, 13th June, on BBC One at 16:35pm. John Barrowman will be making an appearance as well as many other guests.
Thanks to David-Tennant.com for the information

Sarah Jane Adventures

Smithie Update

Russell T Davies has stated that he isn't writing any episodes of Doctor Who spinoff Sarah Jane Adventures.

Meanwhile, a notice in Cardiff University Science Library indicates that filming of Sarah Jane Adventures will take place there Friday.
"A BBC film crew will be in the Science Library on June 8th 2007 from 8am to 5pm. They will be filming scenes for a new children’s series called the ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ . There will be no access to the reading room or the journals collection on the first floor of the library between 8.45am and 5.00pm but the entrance floor will remain open..."
Thanks Kasterborous for the information.


Aladdin John

John will be leading a Christmas panto, Aladdin. The Hippodrome panto has announced it and the The Hippodrome panto is in its 50th year of panto. Happy Birthday The Hippodrome panto.
I'm sure John will be great in Aladdin. Good luck John. The panto will run from 19 December 2007 - 27 January 2008.
Thanks John Barrowmans Official Site for the information. Thanks to http://www.birminghamhippodrome.com/ for the picture.

Merchandise News

Figures Released?

Martha Jones seems to be selling on various websites in packaging. The toy now appears to be selling at a few places online and The Entertainer’s stock status on other toys has changed to “out of stock"
I can't wait for the figures, good luck in finding them.
Thanks to Freema Ageyman.com for the picture and information

Tardis And Torchwood Treasures

This site will have the episode review for "The Family Of Blood" uploaded tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

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