Episode Review : Series 3 Episode 9 "The Family Of Blood"

By Mark

Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), Nurse Joan Redfern (Jessica Hynes) Jeremy Baines (Harry Lloyd), Tim Latimer (Thomas Sangster), Hutchinson (Tom Palmer)

Basic Storyline: Continuing From "Human Nature". Tim opens the watch containing The Doctor's Timelord Information and The Family become confused allowing Martha to grab the gun of Jenny and save the guests at the "Annual Dance" including Joan and John Smith. Everyone safe, a Jackstraw approaches Martha and tries to strangle her therefore Martha running away to safety with Joan and John Smith.
The Headmaster, John Smith and the school boys prepare for battle. The Scarecrows come in, the school boys shooting them dead along with the teachers. Meanwhile Joan finds out that Martha is from the future and so is The Doctor. Martha explaining the bones in the hand to prove she is training to be a doctor.
Mr Clark (Father Of Mine) finds the TARDIS and stands outside shouting Doctor! The Family bring the TARDIS to the school. John Smith denies having seen the TARDIS before, but Joan recognizes it as the blue box in Smith's journal of impossible things. John Smith, realising The Doctor's existence pleads he wants to be John Smith and no one more. The Family return to their ship, leaving Jackstraws on guard of the TARDIS, and use their alien technology to attack the village in an attempt to make John Smith surrender.
John Smith, Joan and Martha retreat to the Cartwrights' empty cottage. Tim arrives at the door handing the watch over to Martha to give The Doctor. Tim was being spoke to by the watch saying "Let him hold it". Martha tries to persuade John to open the watch and become the Doctor again as they need him. Martha announces her love for the Doctor saying he is everything to her. Tim and Martha leave Joan and John alone for private talks. John and Joan , holding hands with the watch see visions of what could be of John Smith. Visions of Marriage, Children and old age are all seen in both Joan and Johns Eyes.
The Doctor pretending now to be John Smith arrives at the Families ship begging them to stop the attack and he gives them a fake watch, them believing its the real one with Time Lord Information contained. The Doctor pushed backwards presses buttons which ends up in The Families ship exploding and them all running causing a massive explosion. (Great Effects).
The Family wanted to live forever and that's exactly what The Doctor allows by making them live forever. Mr Clark is put in unbreakable chains, Jenny left in a vortex which would let her survive forever, Baines made to watch guard of the land as a scarecrow and Lucy Cartwright stuck in every mirror for eternity. When ever you feel as if you see someone move in a mirror, that's Lucy.
The Doctor visits Joan saying he wouldn't change back to John Smith but asked her to travel with him in TARDIS. Joan replied no and was upset and told the Doctor to "Leave".
Tim arrives at the TARDIS wanting to say bye, The Doctor gives Tim the watch as a souvenir.
The Episode ends where we see Tim as an old man with the watch in his hand at a remembrance ceremony. Tim spots the Doctor and Martha, realising they looked the same and had a smile on his face. This was a very emotional scene and emotional episode.
The Doctor and Martha are ready for more adventures in the TARDIS, the next one involving Weeping Angles in "Blink"

My Favourite Lines:
The Doctor (John Smith) : "I want to me John Smith, I don't want to be The Doctor, why me."

My Favourite Scenes:
1) The emotional scene where the children and teachers are shooting at the Jackstraws and John Smith feeling emotional and not shooting.


2) The Doctor says goodbye to Joan and the scene which shows how The Doctor allows The Family to live on forever just like they wanted to. Also the very emotional scene of Tim when he is older still remembering The Doctor and Martha.

Broadcast :2nd June 2007

Viewing Figures: 6.6m viewers, with a 39.1% audience share. Doctor Who was the most watched programme for Saturday.

Confidential : "Bad Blood"

Confidential Viewing Figures : Unknown at this moment

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode : "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne, When Joan misses John Smith or vice versa.

My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 10 "Blink"

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