The Sound Of Brilliance

By Mark
Utopia was broadcast tonight and what an episode. The Story was amazing, The Cast was amazing, The Crew were amazing and so were the effects. The First three parter since the relaunch kicked off tonight and what a way to do so. Making it my favourite episode of the series so far, leaving it on such a brilliant cliffhanger, I just can't wait till next weeks episode "The Sound Of The Drums"
Here is the trailer

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With the brilliant actors David Tennant, John Barrowman, John Simm and Derek Jacobi and the wonderful actress Freema Agyeman this episode was stunning.
Screencaps for "The Sound Of Drums" trailer will be posted tomorrow whereas an episode review of "Utopia" will be posted sometime this week.
I can't wait for the final two episodes of Series 3 they will be amazing.
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