Episode Review: Series 3 Episode 10 "Blink"

By Mark
Main Characters: The Doctor (David Tennant), Martha Jones (Freema Ageyman), Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan), Ben Wainwright (Thomas Nelstrop)

Basic Storyline: The Main character and story revolves around Sally Sparrow.
To begin with Sally Sparrow breaks into a vacant house to take pictures as she is intrigued however all is not normal when Sally spots a wallpaper tear with words behind it. The message from The Doctor practically tells Sally to be-aware from the Weeping Angels and to duck. Seconds after being told to duck an object is launched through the air nearly hitting Sally, thrown by the Weeping Angel.
With suspicion , Sally tells her friend Kathy Nightingale, and they re-enter the house. Them both joking about themselves being detectives on a television program on ITV they enter the house when Sally notices the Weeping Angel.
The Weeping Angel had moved and they both kept their eye on it. A mysterious man rings the doorbell and tells Sally that he is the son of Kathy and has a message for her. Meanwhile the Weeping Angel proceeds towards Kathy and takes her to 1920.
Explaining to Sally what happened and asking her to say to Larry (Kathy’s Brother) she loves him, the letter is sent from Kathy.
Meanwhile Sally tells Larry of Kathy’s feelings, Sally watches the Easter eggs of The Doctor that Larry has. Larry has been discovering just what was the relation to why all the DVD extras were on the different DVD’s.
Sally goes to the police to tell them what happened and then she meets Billy who often says
“Life is short, and you’re hot”
Sally and Billy get along and then they arrange to meet another time , Sally giving Billy her phone number. However Billy is sent to 1969 by the Weeping Angels. In 1969 Billy meets the Doctor and Martha where they tell Billy to send a message to Sally telling her to look at the list of DVDS. This is when she recognises they are all her DVDs and that’s what the connection is.
Larry and Sally watch the DVDS and figure out that Sally is the other part of the conversation that The Doctor is interacting with. Sally is the other half of the conversation. In this conversation The Doctor explains many things and tells her not to Blink when in sight of the Weeping Angels which he describes as “Deadly Assassins”.
Discovering the TARDIS in the cellar, Sally and Larry attempt to get in with the key but it’s hard when they are surrounded by Weeping Angels. One Weeping Angel points at the light bulb slowly turning it out , making it impossible for Sally and Larry to see hence forth the Angels getting closer. Luckily Larry and Sally manage to get inside the TARDIS but so do the Angels. Larry and Sally duck and the Weeping Angels end up holding hands in a circle forever standing there froze for eternity. Weeping Angels can’t be seen and that’s exactly what they were.
The Weeping Angels defeated, Sally decides to help at the Dvd shop Larry owns where they have renamed it “Sparrow and Nightingale”. At the end of the episode we see The Doctor and Martha with a bow and arrow who explain to Sally they are going to try and stop a lizard.
The Doctor and Martha are ready for more adventures in “Utopia” bringing along Jack Harkness.

My Favourite Lines:
“Don’t Blink”


“Time wibbly wobbly stuff”

My Favourite Scenes:
1) The Scene where the Weeping Angels are pointing at the light and progressing towards the Tardis leaving them in a circle constantly staring at each other.


2) The Doctor meets Sally and is oblivious to what had just happened where The Doctor and Martha have bow and arrows. Also where they go through lots of statues at the end making the audience think that all statues of Weeping Angels and be-aware.

Broadcast: 9th June 2007

Viewing Figures: 6.1m viewers, with a 36.8% audience share.

Confidential : "Do You Remember The First Time?"
(My favourite of the series of “Doctor Who Confidential” so far due to David Tennant making the episode guiding the camera around)

Confidential Viewing Figures : Unknown at this moment

A Song which I personally think would go well into the episode: "Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol, fitting in with the fact that when you are in front of the Weeping Angels you have to “Open Your Eyes”

My Rating: 10/10

Next Episode : Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 11 "Utopia"
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