Don't Miss "The Sound Of Drums"

By Mark

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Don't Miss the "The Sound Of Drums" tonight, here is a brief synopsis;

Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister and his reign of terror begins – but that's only the start of his ambitions, as he announces mankind's first contact with an alien race, the Toclafane. An audacious plan spanning the whole of time and space begins to close around the Earth, in the penultimate episode of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who

And here are some exciting clips (Previews) of "The Sound Of Drums"
Two clips are put together one clip from"The Wright Stuff" and one from "Totally Doctor Who". Here it is;

I know one the first clip it says tomorrow but its today, that clip was shown yesterday.
Don't Forget John Barrowman is a guest on "Would I Lie To You?" tonight on BBC1 and Freema Agyeman is a guest on "Richard and Judy" on Tuesday.
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Only so many hours till "The Sound Of Drums", Can't wait!
Remember Don't Vote Saxon.
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P.S : This site will catch up with all the special posts after series 3 has aired. Due to their being so much to post, I haven't had the time to post Character Profiles and my 200th special will be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience. I will catch up with them all at the end of Doctor Who Series 3.

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  1. Bad Wolf 23 June 2007 at 14:03
    hey mark cool post like ur vote saxon poster type next eo thingy majig wtf? lol anyway im gona start writing in comments like this why? well because it will make your like look professional and better. keep it up BADWOLF. ps just watched DW the movie again woo was gona watch The Deadly assasin with the weird faced master but anna got time maybe will soon

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