Who's-round! (Part 1)

By Mark
Who's-round (like newsround but provides news on Doctor Who And Spin Offs) Part 1!

Doctor Who

David Gets Crabby With Doctor Who Magazine!

"If you had to make a poll of monsters least likely to make a reappearance," grins David Tennant, "the Macra would probably be fairly near the top!"
"So it's kind of cool, isn't it?" he tells Doctor Who Magazine as they go behind the scenes of Gridlock. "If you're gonna do giant crabs, there's no point them being anything other than Macra, seeing as they already exist.
"It's one of the joys of being involved with a series which has got all this history for free. You can just sprinkle in all these nuggets of recognition for those who'll get them."
Elsewhere, the David vs Freema Shakespeare Quotes Quiz separates the Bards from the boys.
"It's unfair, 'cos David's done loads of Shakespeare," says Freema. "I hope my old English teacher doesn't read this..."
If theat wasn't enough, James Strong opens up his frank and funny Daleks in Manhattan journal to DWM readers in the first of a major two-part feature, Paul Cornell tells us all about writing the Doctor's Human Nature and The Time Team celebrate reaching 600 episodes with The King's Demons and The Five Doctors!
DWM 382 goes on sale from 3 May 2007, priced £3.99.

BBC Doctor Who Website Update!

BBC have updated their website with new images from Evolution Of the Daleks and a new flash animation homepage!


Budget Cut?

Rumours maybe facts suggest that Torchwood Series 2 has had a budget cut therefore will provide less quality special effects and less money spent on Torchwood! I hope this is not the case, after all BBC did profit 4 million from Torchwood last year and If they drop the budget they lose their profit!
I Hope Torchwood Will still be as Good!
Who's-Round! Part 1, Who's Round may continue every month if found popular.

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