Evolution Of The Daleks Preview!

By Mark

I read this in a television magazine which is very interesting, beware spoilers so I have invisotexted the next paragraph (highlight to see spoilers) Enjoy!

"It just cruel to make people wait a whole week to see the conclusion of this thrilling two-parter cruel like a Dalek- but here it finally is, Evolution Of The Daleks. The Handsome fellow above is Sec (Eric Loren), who has just become a human-dalek hybrid as the genetic template for a new form of their kind - at least thats his plan. Feeling Emotions for the first time, Sec decides that the human race have admirable qualities that make them worth saving; his three followers in The Cult Of Skaro, however, remain pure Dalek and so tend to prefer genocide as the fate of inferior species. This leads The Doctor into a highly unusual alliance - but can they save the world?!?"

Wow they were massive spoilers but it sounds good. Enjoy. Can't wait for the episode on Saturday!

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