Special 10th Character Profile : Face Of Boe

By Mark

Voice Actor : Struan Rodger

Eye Colour : Yellow Black and Red

Hair Colour : None (No Hair)
More Information : We first met The Face Of Boe in Series 1 Episode 2 "The End Of The World" where he was on Platform One. The Face Of Boe was the sponsor of the event to safely witness the destruction of the Earth by the expansion of the Sun. The event was sabotaged, but the Face was seen among the survivors at the end of the episode. The episode describes him as coming from the "Silver Devastation".

The Next appearance for the Face Of Boe was in Series 1 Episode 7 "The Long Game" where BadWolfTV announced "Baby Boemina" that the Face Of Boe was pregnant. The Last appearence in Series 1 was in Series 1 Episode 12 "Bad Wolf" where the Anne-Droid asked a question about him on The Weakest Link to Rose where he was described as the oldest being in the Isop galaxy.

Series 2 Episode 1 saw The Face Of Boe return in "New Earth" where he was apparently dieing with Novice Hame caring for him, at his side listening to tales of wisdom so old from The Face Of Boe.

At the conclusion of the episode, the Face recovered, saying that although he had grown tired of the universe, the Doctor had shown him a new way of looking at things. The Doctor asked about the message, but the Face told him that could wait for their third and final meeting, and teleported away.

In Series 3 Episode 3 "Gridlock" we meet the Face Of Boe for the 3rd and the final time. He reveals his secret to the great wanderer the four words to be spoken were

" You Are Not Alone"

Talking to the Doctor The Face Of Boe means that The Doctor isn't the last of the Time Lords and another remains to live on. Rumours suggest this is The Master will return, One Of The Doctor's biggest enemy , The Master is a Timelord however he isn't fighting for the Good like The Doctor, He's fighting for the bad.

In the episode Gridlock The Face of Boe is revealed to have been powering the entirety of New New York with what remains of his dying life force, since the "death" of New Earth. The Face Of Boe dies saying

"Remember to breathe"

The Face Of Boe is rumoured to have live for millions and millions of years, The Face Of Boe also stated

"I've Seen Too much"
But The Face Of Boe's Last Words were the big secret.
"You Are Not Alone"

Personally I liked the Face Of Boe and will miss him. I found his death quite emotional but he will still be alive on our TV's as long as we watch Series 1 ,2 and 3 again. The Face Of Boe was a legend and will live on in the world of the Who-niverse for ever.

If there's one thing I ask its

"Bring Back Boe"

That's the beauty of sci-fi he could come back in any way or even just if The Doctor and Martha go into the past when he was still Alive!

This was a The Face Of Boe Tribute. This was a special character profile as its my 10th character profile. Don't worry 3 more will be posted tomorrow the ones you have been voting for.

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  1. Anonymous 1 July 2007 at 17:48
    PS, The Face Of Boe also used to go by the name,
    Captain Jack Harkness
    Many many years ago! LoL

    From Halez
  2. Jo 24 September 2007 at 10:30
    Yes, the tribute will have to be updated now we've seen The Last Of The Time Lords, and have been gob-smacked by Capt Jack's blytheful comments. I really like the Face of Boe's character but I love Jack much more and I'm left cold at the thought this is where Russell T Davies will take him. Russell, please don't do this!

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