Character Profile : Dalek

By Mark

Voice Actor : Nick Briggs

Eye Colour : Blue

Hair Colour : None (No Hair)

Information : There are many different types of Dalek Variants Including Special Weapons Daleks who have a stronger weapon than the other Dalek's.

The Dalek Emperor is the God of all Dalek's and appeared in "The Parting Of Ways". Harvesting the Dalek's and making them from human mutants The Dalek Emperor recreated The Dalek's into the Universe.

The Cult Of Skaro are a legion of Dalek's sent by the Dalek Emperor and are named. The members of The Cult Of Skaro are Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and a black Dalek named Dalek Sec. The Cult Of Skaro appeared in "Army Of Ghosts" and "Doomsday" in series 2 and are set to appear in Series 3 Episode 4 "Dalek's In Manhattan" and Episode 5 "Evolution Of The Daleks". The Series 3 episodes will revolve around The Dalek's in New York with Pig Slaves.

The Dalek's fought in The Time War with The Time Lords resulting In The Doctor thinking he is the last of his Race and the only survivor of the Time War. However The Daleks lived on is some shape or form.

In Doomsday, it is revealed that a group of Dalek's from the elite Cult Of Skaro fled into the Void between dimensions and survived the original end of the Time War, taking with them the Genesis Ark, a Time Lord prison ship containing millions of Dalek's. The new Dalek army released from the Ark is eventually sucked back into the Void due to the actions of the Doctor, but the black Dalek named Sec manages an "emergency temporal shift" and escapes to New York.

Dalek's Next Apperance : "Dalek's In Manhattan"

More information will be posted after the Series 3 Episodes!

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