Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 1 DVD

By Mark
Yesterday saw the launch of The Christmas Special DVD featuring "The Runaway Bride" and a Doctor Who Confidential "Music and Monsters" which went behind the scenes of the "Doctor Who: A Celebration" children in need concert. I got my DVD yesterday for £11.99 a bargain I think.
However Series 3 Volume 1's Cover has been released and can be seen to the left. Series 3 Volume 1 DVD features the first 3 episodes of series 3;
Smith And Jones
The Shakespeare Code
This DVD is set for the release of 21st May 2007. I must say I love the cover as The Judoon are one of my favourite monsters since the Doctor Who Relaunch. At The Moment of time we have only seen the fantastic Smith and Jones but I can assure you The Shakespeare Code and Gridlock will be great too. So whats stopping you from getting out and buying it? The Release Date!!! The One To Buy this May!

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