Doctor Who BBCi Trailer Screencaps!

By Mark
Sorry these are a bit late but here they are as promised ;
Doctor Who Trailer BBCI screencaps, This Picture I Made and am really proud of!

If you look closely at the Zombie-ish alien (2nd picture on the top row) you can see behind it Lazarus' Machine. So these aliens feature in Series 3 Episode 6 "The Lazarus Experiment". The 1st picture on row 3 is John Simm who plays Mr Saxon (Rumours say that Mr Saxon is the master in disguise.) The 2nd picture on the third row shows The Doctor getting married in Series 3 Episode 8 "Human Nature" (The Doctor thinks he is a human). Another interesting picture is the 1st picture on the left of row 2, which shows a pig. These pigs are slaves for The Dalek's. The First picture in Row 1 shows a Dalek hovering in the air in Manhattan whereas the 3rd picture on row 1 shows new aliens which seem to have straw as hands! The 2nd picture on row 2 shows "The Family Of Blood". The 3rd picture on row 2 looks like a stone woman, sort of gargoyle creature (this is only a guess) this picture is yet unknown. Finally the last picture on row 3 is of The Doctor in a red suit. (Episode yet unknown).
A little theory on the Master and Mr Saxon!
Mr Saxon has the anagram of "Master No. Six", interesting!
With the final episode being entitled Last of the Time Lords and Mister Saxon being an anagram of Master No. Six, it’ll be interesting to see if this turns out to be a big red herring.
Enjoy my post and picture made by me. If you wish to use the picture please contact me via this site! Comment on the theory on The Master and Mr Saxon below. Enjoy!

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  1. Juliet. 8 April 2007 at 11:28
    Okay, I have a lot of things to say about that post.
    first of all where the pictures came from (going from left to right)
    1. 4/5 Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks.
    2. 6 The Lazarus experiment.
    3. 8/9 Human nature/The Family of blood.
    4. 4/5
    5. 8/9
    6. I would have thought 10 blink. (but I can't be sure)
    7. 12/13 The sound of drums/last of the time lords. (possibly 11 Utopia)
    8. 8/9
    9. I would hazard a guess at 7 42.

    And, as for Mister Saxon being an anagram of Master No. Six then Sam Tyler is an anagram of Masterly!

    The aliens that have straw for hands are just meant to be scary scarecrows basically.

    And in the Radio Times it is said that "as the Doctor face his greatest enemy yet. Now I wonder who that could be...?" I am guessing that they don't mean an incredibly drunk Jack. It must mean the Master.

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