Freema's BBC Breakfast!

By Mark
New girl Freema Agyeman talks about her Character Martha Jones on BBC Breakfast. 4 Days till her Doctor Who Debut, well as Martha Jones because she already played Adeola in Series 2 Episode 12 Army Of Ghosts. Here is the interview ;

Also The Radio Times Which I informed you on earlier today have informed us whovians the name of all the series 3 episodes! They are as follows;
Episode 1 Smith and Jones
Episode 2 The Shakespeare Code
Episode 3 Gridlock
Episode 4 Daleks in Manhatten
Episode 5 Evolution Of The Daleks
Episode 6 The Lazarus Experiment
Episode 7 42
Episode 8 Human Nature
Episode 9 The Family Of Blood
Episode 10 Blink
Episode 11 Utopia
Episode 12 The Sound Of Drums
Episode 13 Last Of The Time Lords

Very Interesting especially "The Last Of The Time Lords" which could imply The Master's return!

Good Luck Freema and 4 days, I can't wait!

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