Cover Boy, Girl and well Judoon!

By Mark

Issue 31 March - 6 April 2007's Radio Times features a set of 2 different covers which can be seen below. On one cover Martha Jones (Freeema Ageyman) takes a close up picture whereas on the other one The Doctor (David Tennant) takes a close up picture. Somehow A Judoon manages to sneak into the picture. I bet that Judoon will be bragging that he was on the Radio Times Cover for the rest of his life now. (however long that is) Also a difference between the covers is one picture is taken on the moon showing planet Earth in the sky and the other is vice versa (the other way round) , showing the picture on Earth and the moon in the sky! This issue features a 16 page special on Doctor Who series 3 and is a great bargain at just 98p. Radio Times hits the shops tomorrow so why not get out there and buy it. Treat yourself!

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