Torchwood Treasures

By Mark

Woodies wanting wonderful watchable Torchwood episodes at home? Do you sit there just wanting to watch the Torchwood series over and over again? Well now you can with these marvellous DVDs released by 2entertain.
Torchwood Series 1 part 1 was released in 26 Dec 2006 and contains episodes 1-5 with a ton of special features which will keep your Torchwood withdrawal symptons appetised.
Torchwood Series 1 part 2 is released on 26 Feb 2007 and contains episodes 6-9 with plenty of special features accompanying this release!
Torchwood Series 1 part 3 (sorry about the small picture) is released on the 26 March 2007 which is quite a bit away and will contain episodes 10-13. Special Features are yet unknown
Finally a while back 2entertain announced a Torchwood Series 1 Boxset, the release date and special features are yet unknown but i suspect (only a guess friends) it will be a Jun-July release!
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