Miss Dexter?

By Mark
The Sun (Newspaper) report that Elize Du Toit will be in Series 3 of Doctor Who!

Elize is famous for playing Izzy in Hollyoaks. She also played a UPN Pilot for the series Triangle (Mysteries about the Bermuda Triangle), Flirting with Flamenoce and has starred in a guest role in Dalziel and Pascoe. Most recently she starred in British Horror film The Devils Chair.

Her character in Doctor Who is apparently " A very sinister character who clashes with the doctor after setting a trap for him" Her character is rumoured to be called "Miss Dexter".

Whichever episode she is in im sure she will play the role brilliantly.
Tardis and Torchwood Treasures Will Inform you on any further news on this casting.
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