Cast ME!!!

By Mark

Many celebrities have been revealing their love of Doctor Who.

Take That singer Mark Owen told Sky Showbiz he would like to appear in Doctor Who, saying that "I never missed it and loved the show the first time around. I think there is room for us on the show to do a concert on another planet, but we would have to return, of course.

Carrie Grant ( BBC2's Safari School) revealed that the doctor is the TV/Movie character she would most like to be. She said "The idea that you could just go anywhere you wanted in the whole universe ... Oh yeah!"

The winner of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, Connie Fisher, has been stating her case for a role in Doctor Who. According to Sky Showbiz she said, "I never miss the show and think that it would be great for me as it's totally different from what people know me as.

Scottish designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan said "We would love to be in Doctor Who, David Tennant is magnificent and we're big fans of Christopher Eccleston." Colin and Justin Told this to the Metro.

Everyone knows Doctor Who is a well deserved hit!
Celebrities want to be known if the world of whovians.
Well who wouldnt?

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