Doctor Who Adventures #152

By Mark
The 152nd issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released on Thursday and it is now on sale in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom and Ireland at the price of £2.10. This week's issue of the magazine takes a look at the Weeping Angels and it comes free with an exclusive toy of the Time Beetle from 'Turn Left'. BBC Magazines have kindly sent us details about this week's issue of their magazine and you can view this information below;

The Weeping Angels Are Back! Be careful not to blink while reading this week’s Doctor Who Adventures magazine because the Weeping Angels are in it! The Weeping Angels are returning to Doctor Who where they will come face to face with the Eleventh Doctor. Find out how they kill and why they scare us so much in this week’s issue.

You can also find out about creatures called the Flood. Discover what they are, what they want, and essential survival tips. All this, and...

• The chance to ask the new Doctor Matt Smith a question!
• The Master’s Top 10 of evil deeds
• Three fantastic posters
• Free Yucky Time Beetle
• Subscription offer – subscribe today get the first four issues for £1, and then 25% off of a year’s subscription

Issue 152 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is out Thursday 4 February, price £2.10.

I got my copy of this issue on Thursday, if you want your copy make sure you buy it before next Thursday which is when the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue 153, will be released. Doctor Who Adventures #153 will come free with another exclusive gift and it will feature some more interesting Doctor Who facts. More details about the issue will be posted on this site as soon as they become available. Will you be purchasing a copy of this issue?

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