New Billie Piper Digital Spy Interview

By Mark
Billie Piper, who is well known for her role as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who, recently took part in an interview with Digital Spy and it has now been published online. In the interview, Billie discusses many things including; the 10th Doctor's final adventure and the possibility of Rose Tyler returning to Doctor Who once again in the future. Some extracts from this new interview can be viewed here on this site below;

You returned to film some scenes for Tennant's final Doctor Who outing. How was that?
"It was weird because I didn't have a full script and I had to do it in three hours. It was after filming Secret Diary in the day and it was too short! I didn't know anything about the story. I wish I'd been there for the whole episode - but that would have been a bit tedious!"

Is there room for Rose to return at a later date?
"I think it's done now, isn't it? I think that ship has sailed. That old, wooden ship! I really loved doing it, but Doctor Who has moved on - it's different people, different crew, different production team and I can't keep going back. It's ridiculous! It's time to move on..."

You can read this new interview with Billie in full here on Digital Spy's official website. Billie Piper first appeared in Doctor Who when the programme was revived by Russell T Davies five years ago in 2005 and since then, she has appeared in a total of thirty four episodes of the show. You can view more information about her character, Rose Tyler, here on the BBC's official Doctor Who website. What do you think of this brand new interview with Billie Piper?

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  1. Hazz 26 January 2010 at 23:58
    Oh I think she would return in maybe 10 or 20 years time (if Doctor Who is still running by then!) because Rose is still with the other Doctor on the parallel world. She and David could return and it would be special but definitely the end of that chapter. If Sarah Jane can return, why not Rose?

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