Doctor Who Series Five Jigsaw Puzzle

By Mark
Ravensburger have recently released some information about their upcoming Doctor Who series five jigsaw puzzle and an image of the product has also now been revealed. The jigsaw puzzle features new promotional images of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Images of the Weeping Angels and the Tardis are also included as part of the puzzle and once completed, the jigsaw will have a total dimension size of 34cm x 24cm. This product will contain a total of sixty different jigsaw pieces and it will go on sale across the United Kingdom and Ireland at an RRP of £5.99. It's scheduled for release next month, on the nineteenth of February, and more information about further merchandise for the fifth series of Doctor Who will be posted here on this site as soon it becomes publicly available. Will you be purchasing a copy of this jigsaw puzzle when it's officially released later this year?

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  1. Brad 31 January 2010 at 21:28
    I doubt I'll get this jigsaw, as I'd rather spend my money on a Doctor Who figure or DVD. It still looks good though and seeing as it's released in February, it might mean Doctor Who may start earlier like Richard Curtis said! Great updates, I love them, and I've just thought, your site will be three years old in just over two weeks! Keep up the great posts, I love them!

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