Doctor Who The End of Time Part Two Next Time Trailer

By Mark
After last night's transmission of the first part of The End of Time, a brand new trailer for this year's fourth special episode of Doctor Who was shown. The trailer is for the second and concluding part of The End of Time and it features many new clips which have previously been unseen. In total, the trailer has an approximate running time of thirty four seconds and it can be viewed in full here on this site below;

The second part of The End of Time will air on New Year's Day at 6:40pm on BBC One and it will be the 10th Doctor's final adventure before his regeneration into the 11th Doctor. In total, the episode will have an approximate running time of one hour and fifteen minutes and it will continue from where the first part of the story left off last night. More information about The End of Time will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes publicly available. What do you think of this official next time trailer for The End of Time's final part?

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