Mona Lisa's Revenge Part One Trailer

By Mark
After yesterday's transmission of the second part of The Eternity Trap, a brand new trailer for next week's story of The Sarah Jane Adventures was shown. The trailer is for 'Mona Lisa's Revenge' and it features many clips which have previously been unseen. It has an approximate running time of twenty two seconds and as well as being available elsewhere online, the trailer can also be viewed here on this site below;

The first part of Mona Lisa's Revenge will air this Thursday at 4:35pm on BBC One and the second part will then air on the following day at the same time on the same channel. Each part of the story will have an approximate running time of twenty five minutes and a trailer for The Sarah Jane Adventures series three which contains clips from the adventure can be viewed here in a previous post. More information about the story will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes publicly available. What do you think of this next time trailer?

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