The Mad Woman in the Attic Overnight Ratings

By Mark
The overnight ratings for both parts of The Mad Woman in the Attic, the second story of The Sarah Jane Adventures series three, have recently been revealed and the figures have now been published online. According to the ratings, the first part of the adventure was watched by a total of 0.6 million people on BBC One last Thursday which gave the episode an audience share of 5.7%. The episode was also viewed by an unconfirmed amount of people who watched it when it aired simultaneously on the BBC's high definition channel. The Mad Woman in the Attic's concluding part received a slightly higher viewing figure of 0.8 million when it aired on BBC One on the following day and it scored an audience share of 7%. Some viewers also watched the second part of the adventure when it aired on the BBC's HD channel and final figures for these episodes will be released next week by BARB. It's likely that they will be higher than these overnight ratings and more details will be posted here on this site as they become available. What do you think of these overnight ratings?

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