Georgia Moffett Casualty Reminder

By Mark
Georgia Moffett, who is well known for her role as Jenny in the fourth series of Doctor Who, starred in last night's episode of Casualty and she will once again star in the programme tonight. Tonight's episode will air at 8pm on BBC One and it will be the second part of the story which began last night. Georgia plays the character of Heather Whitefield, a new junior doctor at the hospital, and you can view last night's episode in full here on BBC iPlayer. The BBC's official website for Casualty can be found here and on the website, you can access many character profiles, episode guides and much more. It is currently unknown if Georgia will continue to star in Casualty as her character Heather after tonight's episode but more information will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes publicly available. Will you be watching Casualty when it airs on BBC One later tonight?

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