The Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three Episode Titles

By Mark
The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue number four hundred and twelve, has revealed and confirmed the episode titles for the upcoming third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. As with the show's first two series, each story will be told in two parts which will each have an approximate running time of twenty five minutes. There will be six stories in total and their titles as well as writers can be viewed below;

Prisoner of the Judoon by Phil Ford
The Mad Woman in the Attic by Joseph Lidster
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith by Gareth Roberts
The Eternity Trap by Phil Ford
Mona Lisa's Revenge by Phil Ford
The Gift by Rupert Laight

The third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is scheduled for transmission on BBC One this Autumn and it will see Elisabeth Sladen reprise her role as Sarah Jane Smith. Thomas Knight, Daniel Anthony and Anjli Mohindra will also be back to play their respective characters; Luke, Clyde and Rani. You can view a press release for the series here and view details about K9's involvement this year here. More information about this series will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes publicly available. What do you think of these episode titles?

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