Russell T Davies Talks Torchwood's Future

By Mark
The next issue of Torchwood Magazine, issue number seventeen, will feature an exclusive interview with Russell T Davies inside and Titan Magazines have recently published some extracts from the interview online. In the interview, Russell will talk about his decision to kill of Ianto Jones, the future of Torchwood, how the idea of Children of Earth came about and much more. You can view a few of the extracts below;

Russell on… Ianto
"It's not as if we said, 'Let's kill Ianto! That will be fun!' I think Ianto's wonderful, and I think Gareth is wonderful, but if they all came out of Children Of Earth unscathed, it would just be so unlikely. Jack needed to be bitter and lost, and I think he needed Ianto's death to allow him to take that action in episode five."

Russell on… the future of Torchwood
"I could write you scene one of series four right now. I've got vague stories, and I know where you'd find Gwen and Rhys, and their baby, and Jack, and I know how you'd go forward with a new form of Torchwood."

You can view more extracts from this interview here. Torchwood Magazine's seventeenth issue will be released in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom tomorrow and it will go on sale at the price of £4.99. You can view an image of the issue's cover here and more details will be posted on this site tomorrow. At the moment, it hasn't been officially confirmed that there will definitely be a fourth series of Torchwood but more information about Torchwood's future will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes available.

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  1. Harry 22 August 2009 at 21:14
    how could he? how could russell? how could he do what he did? it was so not lush! it was totally unfabulous! he killed THE Ianto! the show needs ianto! how could he kill my sexy eye candy? my baby iato? BAD RUSSELL T DAVIES = UNLUSH.


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