Doctor Who’s Greatest Moments: The Enemies

By Mark
The BBC have recently revealed that the third documentary in the new ‘Doctor Who’s Greatest Moments’ series will air next month on BBC Three. In total, there are three episodes currently announced for the series and each one takes a look at an element of Doctor Who by reliving its greatest moments since the show’s revival in 2005. The first episode which took a look at some of The Doctor’s most memorable moments aired last week and it featured interviews with many people who have worked on the programme over the past four years. On Thursday, the second episode of this series will air and it's scheduled for transmission at 8pm on BBC Three. It will take look at The Doctor’s many companions and again, feature new interviews with members of the show’s cast and crew. It has now been confirmed that the third and final of these behind the scenes documentaries will air the following week on the third of September at 8pm on BBC Three. It will take a look at The Doctor’s powerful enemies and like with all episodes of the series, have an approximate running time of sixty minutes. Reminders for the these documentaries will be posted here on this site before their transmissions. What do you think of this news?

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  1. Mick 24 August 2009 at 09:19
    Ok, sorry if this is a little off-topic but seeing as I had SOMETHING to say I thought the most recent posting would be the place to be!

    I'll start by saying that I'm a relative newcomer to the Dr Who scene. Though I'm not exactly in my youth any longer and have more grey hairs than I would like, but for some reason I never really made the time in my life for the Whoniverse (or should that be in the Whoniverse for my life?!)

    Anyway, to get myself back on track, let me say that I'm extremely impressed with this blog. Extremely. Mark obviously goes to some lengths to keep things up to date (well done man, take a bow!), and for someone who is currently rather greedy for all things Who, this is an absolute gem of a site.

    However, I am rather surprised to find that there doesn't seem to me much of a community spirit around here. In fact, comments seem to be VERY thin on the ground! (apologies to those few who have done so lately).
    Given that there are apparently 136 followers (and that's only the registered ones), I honestly would have thought there'd be a bit more feedback.
    C'mon guys, give a little of that love back. Mark's doing his homework and we're all benefiting. Lurk no more!

    Anyway man, keep it up. Like I said, a gem of a site - and if your efforts are anything to go by, a gem of a geezer too.

  2. Mark 24 August 2009 at 19:18
    Hiya Mick and welcome to the site. First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you for the very kind comment, it's much appreciated. It's true, there are many other sites who receive tons more comments but if most of my visitors don't wish to comment then I'm fine with that. It'd be nice if there were some more comments, don't get me wrong, but I won't complain if there aren't. Thanks once again for your kind words, Mark :)

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