The Dalek Collection DVD Cover and Details

By Mark
Earlier this month, 2 Entertain revealed their plans to release a collection of The Doctor's adventures involving the Daleks as a special DVD box set later this year. The cover for the box set has now been revealed and it has also now been confirmed which episodes will feature on the discs. With the exclusion of the Doctor Who series two finale, all of the Dalek's new series stories will be included as part of the collection and their titles are as follows; Dalek, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways, Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks, The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End. A new interview with David Tennant and a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential taking a look at the Daleks will also be included on the box set and they will feature on the discs as bonus material. This collection will be released on the nineteenth of October and it will go on sale at an RRP of £22.99. It will follow on from the Cybermen collection which was released in April and you can view more details about that box set here. Will you be buying a copy of this DVD when it's released in October?

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  1. Anonymous 25 August 2009 at 22:39
    They didnt include Doomsday, but i suppose thats because it will be in the Cybermen boxset.

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