Catherine Tate Wins Best Actress Portal Award

By Mark
Airlock Alpha have recently revealed the results of this year's Portal Awards and we now know that Catherine Tate has won the 'Best Actress on Television' award for her role as Donna Noble in the fourth series of Doctor Who. David Tennant, who plays the tenth incarnation of The Doctor, was the runner-up in receiving the 'Best Actor on Television' award and he was beaten only by Jensen Ackles who is well known for his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural. Turn Left, the eleventh episode of Doctor Who's fourth series, was the runner-up in the 'Best Television Episode' category and Billie Piper came second in the poll for the 'Best Supporting Actress on Television' award. Billie received this nomination for her appearance as Rose Tyler in the Doctor Who series four finale and Thomas Knight, who plays Luke in The Sarah Jane Adventures, also received a nomination this year. He was nominated in the 'Best Young Actor' category but lost out to Thomas Dekker and you can view all of the results for this year's Portal Awards here. I'd like to take this time to congratulate Catherine Tate, all of the winners and all of the nominees on their success.

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