Torchwood Series Four Confirmed?

By Mark
According to reports on various different websites, it was revealed at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend that a fourth series of Torchwood has been commissioned by the BBC. This confirmation apparently came from a representative of BBC America who attended the event and also stated that a press release for the show's fourth series should be made public by the BBC's Press Office in a few weeks time. You can view one of the many articles reporting about this news here online. Before Torchwood's third series aired earlier this month, Russell T Davies explained that a fourth series of the show would depend on how well Children of Earth was received and how successful it was with the public. With viewing figures over six million for all five parts, Torchwood received fantastic ratings and you can view more details about the series here. It should be noted however that the BBC haven't yet officially confirmed online that a fourth series of Torchwood will definitely be made but more information about Torchwood's future will be posted on this site as soon as it becomes available. What do you think of this news?

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