Torchwood Radio Plays - Behind the Scenes

By Mark
Kate McAll, who produced and directed this year's Torchwood plays, has recently published an article on BBC Radio Four's official website. In the article, she talks about the process that went into making the radio plays, how she had to schedule the days for recording around the availability of actors and much more. There are also many photos from the recording sessions in the report and you can view the article in full here online. The latest issue of Torchwood Magazine, issue number sixteen, also takes a look behind the scenes of the recordings for the radio plays and there are several more pictures and much more information inside the magazine too. This year's Torchwood radio plays aired over three consecutive afternoons last week and the titles of the plays are as follows; Asylum, Golden Age and The Dead Line. All of the plays are currently available for download on BBC iPlayer and they will also be released on CD later this year.

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