Torchwood Children of Earth's Final Viewing Figures

By Mark
The official figures for Torchwood's third series, Children of Earth, have now been released by BARB and we now know the approximate amount of viewers that each episode of the series received when they aired earlier this month in the United Kingdom. Each episode of the series had an approximate running time of sixty minutes and all five parts aired over five consecutive nights on BBC One at 9pm from the sixth of July to the tenth of July. Day One, the first episode of the series, received 6.47 million viewers and the following part, Day Two, was watched by a total of 6.14 million people. Day Three, the third part of Children of Earth, saw the show's ratings rise with a viewing figure of 6.4 million and the fourth part of the series, Day Four, managed to receive the season's highest ratings with an audience of 6.76 million people. Day Five, the fifth and final part of Children of Earth, was watched by a total of 6.58 million people and many people also watched the episodes on the BBC's HD channel. You can view more information about Children of Earth's ratings here on Gallifrey Base. What do you think of these final ratings?

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