Torchwood Children of Earth Soundtrack Released

By Mark
Silva Screen, the publishers of many original television soundtracks, have today released a soundtrack for the third series of Torchwood, Children of Earth, which aired in many countries earlier this month. The soundtrack features a total of forty tracks and you can view the titles for these tracks here along with more details but please be aware that the track titles contain spoilers if you are yet to watch all five parts of the series. With a running time of more than sixty minutes, the soundtrack was first released as a download on the seventh of July and it has today been physically released on thousands of compact discs. Inside the CD's case, there is a booklet which contains information about the tracks and an interview with Ben Foster who composed, arranged and conducted the music. Euros Lyn, the director of Children of Earth, also leaves a message inside the booklet which is ten pages in length. This CD is the second official Torchwood soundtrack to be released and it follows on from the previous soundtrack which featured musical scores from the first and second series of the show. More information about the first Torchwood soundtrack can be found here. Will you be buying a copy of this official soundtrack for Torchwood's third series, Children of Earth?

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