Torchwood Children of Earth Day Two Reminder

By Mark
Make sure you don’t forget that Day Two, the second part of Torchwood’s third series, will air for the first time in the United Kingdom tonight at 9pm on BBC One. The episode will broadcast simultaneously in high definition on the BBC’s HD channel and it will see the events carry on from last night's episode which ended on an action packed cliffhanger. The official synopsis released by the BBC for Day Two can be viewed here on this site below;

As the new Torchwood adventure continues, the team is forced underground when the government takes swift and brutal action. With members of the team being hunted down, only Lois holds the key to Torchwood's salvation. But she is helpless as her superiors make plans for the mysterious Floor 13.

Each episode will have an approximate running time of sixty minutes and the next episode, Day Three, will transmit at 9pm on BBC One tomorrow night. The series will then continue to air in the United Kingdom every night this week on the same channel at the same time. Children of Earth began in Australia earlier today and it will then premiere in both America and Canada on the twentieth of July. Will you be watching tonight’s episode of Torchwood?

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  1. Collin Kelley 8 July 2009 at 01:31
    Watched day one just a few moments ago and it knocked my socks off! Brilliant stuff. Can't wait to see day two.
  2. Mark 8 July 2009 at 12:20
    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it Collin, this series really is fantastic. I'm absolutely loving it and can't wait for Day Three tonight. :D

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