Torchwood Children of Earth Day Five Reminder

By Mark
Make sure you don’t forget that Day Five, the fifth and final part of Torchwood’s third series, will air for the first time in the United Kingdom tonight at 9pm on BBC One. The episode will broadcast simultaneously in high definition on the BBC’s HD channel and it will see the events carry on from last night's episode which ended on another cliffhanger. The official synopsis released by the BBC for Day Five can be viewed here on this site below;

Torchwood is defenceless and Gwen Cooper stands alone, as the final sanction begins, in the last part of the new Torchwood adventure. As violence erupts and the world descends into anarchy, an ordinary housing estate becomes a battleground, where the future of the human race will be decided.

Like with the rest of the series, tonight's episode will have an approximate running time of sixty minutes. Along with special features and the first four parts of the series, this episode will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom on Monday. Children of Earth is currently airing in Australia and it will premiere in both America and Canada on the twentieth of July. Will you be watching tonight’s episode of Torchwood's third series, Children of Earth?

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  1. Mark 10 July 2009 at 16:58
    Please note that the picture in this post and all of the site's reminder posts for Children of Earth were made by me and may be used elsewhere if credit is given where due, thanks in advance. I hope everyone enjoys watching tonight's part of Children of Earth, I'm sure it's going to be another fantastic episode of Torchwood. :)
  2. I am Jamie Sue! 14 July 2009 at 03:24
    I just watched it. I'm so gutted. :( Brilliant, but so painful.

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