Torchwood Series Three Australian Premiere Reminder

By Mark
Make sure that you don't forget that Torchwood's third series, Children of Earth, will premiere in Australia with the first part of the series later today. Due to time differences in different countries, the transmission of the first part is only a few hours away now and in Australia, the episode will air at 8:30pm on their UKTV channel. Each episode of the series will then follow and broadcast over the next four consecutive nights on the same channel at the same time. With there only being five episodes in this series, each episode is slightly longer with an approximate running time of sixty minutes. Children of Earth premiered in the United Kingdom last night and the series will begin transmission in both America and Canada on the twentieth of July. You can view the official synopsis for the first episode of Torchwood series three here in a previous post. Will you be watching the first part of Children of Earth when it airs in Australia later today?

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