Kai Owen Talks Torchwood's Future

By Mark
Kai Owen, who plays Rhys Williams in Torchwood, has recently revealed that he would love for there to be a fourth series of Torchwood commissioned. At the moment, the BBC are waiting to see how many viewers the show's third series, Children of Earth, receives next week and the decision to make a fourth series will be based on those viewing figures. An extract from this interview with Kai can be viewed below;

"We're waiting for the nod, hopefully a fourth series will be happening - nothing has been confirmed yet but I'd do it forever, it's a brilliant job. I mean, it gets better after that first episode as well, it makes you want to watch the other four and they get better and better and better, episode five is so phenomenal, so it's got to happen again."

You can view this interview in full here. Torchwood's upcoming third series, Children of Earth, will consist of five episodes which will air over five consecutive nights and each have an approximate running time of an hour. The series will premiere in the United Kingdom on the sixth of July and on the following day, the series will then begin in Australia. In America and Canada, the first episode of the series will premiere on the twentieth of July and more information about Children of Earth can be found here. What do you think of this interview?

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