Doctor Who Magazine #411

By Mark
The 411th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released yesterday and it is now available in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom and Ireland at the price of £3.99. This month's issue features the first part of an exclusive interview with Tom Baker, an interview with Katy Manning, a free Doctor Who audio story available for download, all the latest news plus much more. The cover for the issue can be seen above and its press release can be viewed below;

Tom Baker talks exclusively about playing the 4th Doctor again in DWM's 411th issue!

He’s back! The jelly-baby munching, boggle-eyed bohemian puts on his long scarf and floppy hat once more, as the legendary Tom Baker returns to the role of the Fourth Doctor for the first time in over fifteen years! DWM talks exclusively and in depth to Tom about what made him come back to the role that made him famous, what he thinks of Doctor Who today and whether a meeting with the current Doctor could be on the cards. Tom also tells us what he thinks about these modern Doctors kissing their companions...

“Well, I don’t know how I would’ve done it,” Tom considers. “I suppose I would have made it extremely funny. Especially if I’d rescued the girl, and she’d kissed me, I would’ve been able to be absolutely astounded that she was pressing her lips on mine, thinking, ‘Oh, that was rather nice’ and then saying, ‘Would you like to do that again?’” He laughs. “But I don’t know. It was inconceivable during our time. We didn’t think like that. I played him entirely… I never did handle the girls. Or if I did handle the girls, I always did it clumsily, because I reasoned that the Doctor wouldn’t know about that.”

Also in DWM 411:

A Free, Brand New Doctor Who Story!
Exclusively for DWM readers, there’s a brand new, free audio story to download featuring the Third Doctor and Jo! When Jo finds herself on an alien planet in the far future, she begins to recall a tale of ghosts and murders – and a terrible Time Lord secret... The Mists of Time stars Katy Manning as Jo Grant and is written by Jonathan Morris.

TV Choice?
Doctor Who is the best television programme in the world... or is it? DWM talks to experts on the television industry, including Dick Fiddy, Alison Graham, Gill Hudson, Mark Lawson, Ben Lawrence, Jon Peake and Ally Ross, about how Doctor Who is really perceived by both media professionals and the public at large...

Radio Times!
Doctor Who’s Head Writer, Russell T Davies, investigates the curious case of the enigmatic Radio Times listings in Production Notes!

The Stage And Television Today!
What’s it like to see your favourite Doctor Who stars live – and naked – on stage? Read about Neil Harris’ frankly unforgettable experiences in You Are Not Alone!

Channel Five!
The mysterious Watcher reveals everything you need to know about the cricket-loving Fifth Doctor, as his essential guide to the Time Lord continues!

Girl Illustrated!
Was the Third Doctor’s companion, Jo Grant, the sexiest assistant of all time? Decide for yourself, as we talk candidly to the actress who played her, Katy Manning!

History Today!
As glaciers and dinosaurs threaten to destroy present-day Sydney, how on earth can the Doctor save the day? And what will become of his ‘employer’, Majenta? Discover the answers in DWM’s comic strip, The Age of Ice, by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty.

Get ready for the spookiest Time Team ever! Richard, Peter, Jac and Clay experience creepy goings-on in a Victorian haunted house as they watch the 1989 Seventh Doctor story, Ghost Light!

UK TV Gold!
It’s widely regarded as one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time! Find out why – and unearth a treasure trove of information – as The Fact of Fiction disinters 1967’s Second Doctor story, The Tomb of the Cybermen!

All the latest news, reviews, previews, competitions and much, much more!

Tune in to Doctor Who Magazine 411 on Thursday 23 July, for just £3.99. Don’t miss it!

The next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue 412, will be released on the twentieth of August and it will feature the second part of this month's interview with Tom Baker. An article looking at the 6th Doctor who was played by Colin Baker will also be included inside the issue along with many other features and more information will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes available. Will you be purchasing a copy of Doctor Who Magazine #411?

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