Doctor Who The End of Time Trailer

By Mark
After the premiere showing of a new trailer for The Waters of Mars, a trailer for this year's final specials was shown at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend. The trailer is forty five seconds long and despite the fact that it hasn't yet been released by the BBC, it has now appeared online thanks to safia43 who recorded it at the event. You can view the trailer below but please be aware that it contains major spoilers;

According to reports and after watching this trailer, it seems that the final of this year's specials will be titled 'The End of Time' however this hasn't yet been confirmed by the BBC. There are also rumours that the third special will be titled 'Nightmare's Reign' but again, this hasn't been confirmed so it's not definite that these will be the titles of the specials. You can view the trailer for The Waters of Mars that was shown at the convention here and more information about all three of this year's remaining specials will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes available. What do you think of this newly released Doctor Who trailer?

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